BREAD Movement has been recognized by the European Social Innovation Network

The BREAD Movement has been recognized by the European Social Innovation Network, which is building and streamlining the social innovation field in Europe by using three overlapping approaches:

1. Researching and publishing a series of reports and recommendations for action which will define, analyze and support the best work in the field. 

2. Hosting online hub that aims to be an indispensible resource providing the latest information on European social innovation—a clearinghouse featuring interviews with prominent innovators, case studies of successful ventures, the latest research, and in-depth analysis from the leading thinkers in the field. The initiative has attracted a community of high-calibre writers, commentators, analysts and thinkers who will make a crucial contribution, not only to the website itself, but to the collective intelligence of European social innovation. Contributors to the site will take a strong hand in shaping the direction of social innovation across Europe, breaking down silos and raising a unified voice. They will also find the site to be a successful means to publicize their ventures, their research and their causes. Valuable relationships have already begun to form across sectors as policy makers, academics, entrepreneurs and third-sector workers collaborate through SIE to create a common understanding of what social innovation is, and what it can do.

3. Hosting a series of events across Europe to bring social innovators together offline and build partnerships across countries and across sectors. These events will offer a crucial opportunity for attendees to build their networks. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss, scrutinize and further develop the series of thematic reports, as well input to the website.

By 2014, Social Innovation Europe will be the meeting place for social innovators across Europe. Funded by the European Commission, DG Enterprise, the initiative will be run by a group of partners that are being led by the Social Innovation eXhange (SIX) at the Young Foundation.

Without supportive and inspiring networks, social innovators can waste precious time and energy asking questions that have already been answered, and finding solutions that have already been explored somewhere else. This is not the time to ‘reinvent the wheel’; with the world still reeling from the financial crisis, now is the time for Europe to step forward and take the lead; now is the time for Europe to work together for a better, smarter future.

Social Innovation Europe aims to do just that—bring social innovators together from across countries and sectors to streamline the process of innovation, and propel Europe to lead the practice of social innovation, globally.