Bread House Cultural Center (Gabrovo, Bulgaria): ENCATC Urban Management and Cultural Policy Good Practices; read more at:

The European Network of Cultural Agencies and Training Centers (ENCATC) and its Working Group “Urban management and urban policy of the city” have started selecting and listing good practices in cultural revitalization across Europe. Among the first four European recognized practices was the Bread House Cultural Center in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, ( and its already trans-continental network as the model spread like "social franchise." Nadezhda Savova as an academic researcher and professor is also an individual member of ENCATC and was finalist for the 2009 European Young Cultural Policy Researcher Award.

The Urban Management working group develops creative projects for revitalizing banal public spaces as well as lobbying for better public spaces in the cities we all live in. This is often done in close cooperation with the working group “Creative entrepreneurship and education in cultural life”. The planned activites are the elaboration of a system of criteria and the development of a network for monitoring urban development.