I3C accept interns from Princeton University


The Office of International Programs (OIP) is home to the Study Abroad Program,  International Internship Program, Fellowship Advising, and the Bridge Year Program. The OIP serves as Princeton University's primary resource for undergraduates seeking to gain experiences abroad and for undergraduates, graduating seniors, and alumni seeking to apply for fellowships and scholarships.

I3C joined the Innovative Social Enterprise Development Network


Social enterprises (SE) are businesses set up to tackle social or environmental needs: increasing their presence means providing SEES with the opportunity for a prosperous, fair, inclusive and environmentally sustainable future.

BREAD Movement has been recognized by the European Social Innovation Network

The BREAD Movement has been recognized by the European Social Innovation Network, which is building and streamlining the social innovation field in Europe by using three overlapping approaches:

1. Researching and publishing a series of reports and recommendations for action which will define, analyze and support the best work in the field. 

National Geographic awards Nadezhda Savova as Traveler of the Year

Traveler of the Year Nadezhda Savova with loaves of bread decorated with traditional Bulgarian patterns.

I3C partners with Harvard-based Cultural Agents Initiative


I3C officially established partnership with Harvard-based Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University, founded by Dr. Doris Somer who developed the Pre-Texts Methodology for Engaged Learning

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